Career Opportunities

Develop your professional skills and know-how in the area of audio technology. Combine composition with sound engineering and master the diverse range of challenges in modern music production. Your infinite creativity together with musical theory will make your ideas come to life.You will be able to implement your arrangements into sound. Today's music is closely linked to digital production technologies and modern ways of working. The combination of beat and sound design with traditional acoustic music production will be your ideal preparation for existing genres as well as all new styles of music.


  •  Creative
  •  Technical
  •  Organisational
  •  Communicative

Start your career as

  • Audio Engineer
  • Live Engineer
  • Studio Engineer
  • Recording Engineer
  • Sound Designer
  • Music Editor
  • Music Producer
  • Mastering Engineer


  • Your entry point into the music and media sector
  • Professional expertise and lecturers with practical experience
  • Cutting-edge equipment
  • References and contacts due to project work
  • Practical experience in a classroom environment
  • Flexible starting dates several times a year


  • A good knowledge of English
  • Commitment, enthusiasm, an interest in music and media
  • No particular high school certificate is necessary
  • Minimum age is 18+ years

music support group / Dorian Gray Studios

UNITED POP is a division of music support group, which started as a recording studio in 1989, now covers a wide range of services within the music & media industry.

The Dorian Gray Studios are one of Europe’s leading recording facilities with more than 2.000 productions within the last three decades. Constant input from all our divisions, partners and the industry form the basis of our successful concept of practical education and ensure high quality standards.

The clients & projects include:





Pop Projects

With our „POP Projects“ students and graduates have the chance to work interdisciplinary on projects to gain additional knowledge, receive feedback from experts and professional credits for their curriculum vitae. The terms and conditions vary depending on the different projects. There is always a release or presentation of the final work at the end of each POP Project.


Campus Compilation - 3rd Edition

The best projects from our students in music & sound together on one compilation!

We are looking for outstanding student work for our third "Campus Compilation". For many students, the release is the first commercial publication that already serves as an important reference during the courses at the Academy and after their graduation. The design as well as the entire project management was also implemented by our students . The jury picked the best 15 tracks out of more than 100 exciting projects. The sampler was released on Open Day in July at all Campuses worldwide.

Our experts in Music & Sound

Rocco Brunori Rocco Brunori
Luke Aaron Mayer Luke Aaron Mayer
Philipp Martin Philipp Martin
Ricardo Falcon Ricardo Falcon
Erario Cosimo Erario Cosimo
Jürgen Desczka Jürgen Desczka
Musician & Music Teacher
Jessica Struch Jessica Struch
Independent Musician
Adrian Sebastian Werum Adrian Sebastian Werum
Composer, Conductor, Pianist, Arranger, Copywriter
Wolfgang  Gottlieb Wolfgang Gottlieb
Audio & Mastering Engineer
Yann Demierre Yann Demierre
Audio Engineer
Andreas Koch Andreas Koch
Sound Technician, Producer, Guitarist
Oliver Schroer Oliver Schroer
Music Teacher, Pianist, Organist
Benjamin Oechsle Benjamin Oechsle
Sound Designer, Audio Engineer, Producer
Udo Schwendler Udo Schwendler
Musician, Producer
Anna Kaiser Anna Kaiser
Singer, Songwriter
Yacine Khorchi Yacine Khorchi
Heiner Kruse Heiner Kruse
Music Producer, Label Manager, Author
Wolf-Georg Zaddach Wolf-Georg Zaddach
Nikolaus Neuser Nikolaus Neuser
Maximilian Hardinghaus Maximilian Hardinghaus
Mastering Engineer, Product Manager
Georg Hübner Georg Hübner
Music Manager, Producer
Oliver Dommaschk Oliver Dommaschk
Music Producer, Songwriter, Arranger, Remixer, Sound Designer, Audio Engineer
Konrad Jende Konrad Jende
Composer, Sound Engineer
Joerg Gruensfelder Joerg Gruensfelder
Sound Engineer
Fabian Finsterer Fabian Finsterer
Nick Domjancic (aka Nicky Fffingers) Nick Domjancic (aka Nicky Fffingers)
Beat Designer
Christian Mejia Christian Mejia
Composer, Arranger, Orchestrator, Lecturer
Jörg Fischer Jörg Fischer
Musician, Music Teacher, Music Producer
Alexander Samimi Alexander Samimi
Musician, Singer, Songwriter
Jeroen van Olffen Jeroen van Olffen
Music Producer, Composer, Musician
Micha Lorenz Micha Lorenz
Indra Tedjasukmana Indra Tedjasukmana
Musician & Beatbox Champion
Francesco Mangiaracina Francesco Mangiaracina
Music Producer, Keyboard Player, Lecturer for Audio Engineering
Robert Günther Robert Günther
Audio Engineer
Markus Hartmann Markus Hartmann
Musician, Songwriter, Arranger, Composer
Julian Schmauch Julian Schmauch
Lecturer for Beat Design, Drummer, Remix Artist
Gerhard Wölfle Gerhard Wölfle
Senior Audio Engineer, Studio Manager Dorian Gray Studios
Stefan Knoess Stefan Knoess
Singer, Guitarist, Composer, Lyricist , Producer, Vocalcoach
Patrick Scheffler Patrick Scheffler
Music Producer
Barbara Sielaff Barbara Sielaff
Musician, Arranger, Songwriter
Matthias Weigold Matthias Weigold
Music & Commercial Producer, DJ, Lecturer
Dominik Schulmann Dominik Schulmann
Audio Engineer, Composer
Markus Stollenwerk Markus Stollenwerk
Composer, Musician, Producer, Cultural Manager
Ralv Milberg Ralv Milberg
Audio Engineer
Piet Charlet Piet Charlet
Mastering, Mixing & Recording Engineer
Paul Wiebe Paul Wiebe
Arranger, Composer, Producer
Anthony Thet Anthony Thet
Artist, Consultant, Project Manager, Agent
Robert Stephan Robert Stephan
Sebastian Fischer Sebastian Fischer
Composer for Film & TV
Margit Garbrecht Margit Garbrecht
Christian Kuhlmey Christian Kuhlmey
Audio Engineer, Publisher, Producer
Andy Horst Andy Horst
Steffen Friedrich Steffen Friedrich
Musicproducer & DJ
Holger Düchting Holger Düchting
Musician, Guitarist
Stefan Feuerhake Stefan Feuerhake
Lecturer, Music Producer, DJ, Mastering Engineer
Gunther Steudel Gunther Steudel
Film Score Composer
Jonas Dorn Jonas Dorn
Guitarist, Composer
Andreas Ederhof Andreas Ederhof
Audio Engineer
Johannes  Meffert Johannes Meffert
Musician, Composer, Producer, Lecturer
Norman Günther Norman Günther
Dipl. Audio Engineer for Recording, Mixing, Mastering and FoH
Johannes Raetz Johannes Raetz
Independent Project Manager
Manfred Knauthe Manfred Knauthe
Freelancer for event technology, operator at recording studio "The Orange Room"
Alex Domhoever Alex Domhoever
Musician, Lecturer, Producer
Oliver Rüger Oliver Rüger
Musician, Producer, Composer
Philipp Scholl Philipp Scholl
Musician, Lawyer
Meike-Christine Mayer Meike-Christine Mayer
Singer, Actress, Vocal Coach
Karsten Laser Karsten Laser
Music Producer, Composer
Dr. Franz Kasper Krönig Dr. Franz Kasper Krönig
Singer, Songwriter, Lecturer, Musicologist, Media Scholar
Jutta C. Bauer Jutta C. Bauer
Singer & Vocal Trainer
Mario Weise Mario Weise
Music Producer, Mixing Engineer, DJ, Graduated Media Designer
Jeannine La Rose Jeannine La Rose
Vocal Coach
Dieter Dolezel Dieter Dolezel
Composer, Arranger
Michael Wolff Michael Wolff
Mixing & Mastering Engineer, Acoustician, Music Producer, Musician
Alejandro Londoño Montoya Alejandro Londoño Montoya
Sound Engineer / Music Producer
Frank Merfort Frank Merfort
Olivia Solner Olivia Solner
Singer, Composer, Vocal Coach
Christoph van Hal Christoph van Hal
Musician, Composer
Andreas Waelti Andreas Waelti
Musician, Composer, Lecturer
Tobias Belker Tobias Belker
Stefan Colsmann Stefan Colsmann
Sound Engineer
Julius Krebs Julius Krebs
Yvi Szoncsó Yvi Szoncsó
Musician, Music Teacher
Robin  Überschuß Robin Überschuß
Musicproducer & DJ

International Industry Link

We are your stepping stone into the growing media business with campuses all over Europe and Australia. Choose your desired occupation in Music & Sound, Event & Music Management, Design & Photography and Fashion & Make-up. Experience high-quality education closely linked to practical experience in order to qualify for your chosen profession in the international art & media industries. Be inspired to become a creative professional and discover exciting new career opportunities.

United POP was founded by a group of companies working in the creative industry. Today, United POP includes the business branches of Education, Media, Production & Services and is one of the leading and most innovative partner for all aspects related to music & media in Europe.

We have industry experienced lecturers who are up to date with current trends and technologies. Furthermore, we have our own extensive industry networks in Europe who have assisted students in progressing their careers.

Coming soon:

Courses in Music Management, Music Production, Fashion & Photography in Melbourne.

Start your career in the growing media business at campuses all over Europe & Australia. Experience high-quality education closely linked to practical experience in order to qualify for your chosen profession in the international music, media & art industries. Be inspired to become a creative professional and discover exciting new career opportunities with United POP, the international department of “Deutsche POP”, one of Europe’s biggest education provider with more than 30 years of experience in training for music, media & the arts!