Career Opportunities

Make your start in a creative career. Today, the creative sector is the third largest employer and the need for experienced experts and universal talents is growing everyday.


Your knowledge of economics and commercial viability helps you to place artists, their productions and events on the market successfully. Broaden your creative networks and develop clear ideas and concepts for your projects. Combine management knowledge with marketing skills to master the diverse range of challenges in the modern music and event business. You will gain knowledge on how to manage and market projects in the media


  •  Creative
  •  Technical
  •  Organisational
  •  Communicative

Start your career as

  • Business Manager
  • Event Manager
  • Music Manager
  • Artist Manager
  • Booking Agent
  • Label Manager
  • Sales Director
  • Media Director


  • Your entry point into the music and media sector
  • Professional expertise and lecturers with practical experience
  • Cutting-edge equipment
  • References and contacts due to project work
  • Practical experience in a classroom environment
  • Flexible starting dates several times a year


  • A good knowledge of English
  • Commitment, enthusiasm, an interest in music and media
  • No particular high school certificate is necessary
  • Minimum age is 18+ years

POP Project

With our „POP Projects“ students and graduates have the chance to work interdisciplinary on projects to gain additional knowledge, receive feedback from experts and professional credits for their curriculum vitae. The terms and conditions vary depending on the different projects. There is always a release or presentation of the final work at the end of each POP Project.


Help for the Philippines

Thyphoon Haiyan claimed in 2013 many victims in the Philippines and devastated entire country areas. Inspired by the broadcasted pictures, an idea was created spontaneously during the project management course: according to the motto “Help for the Philippine – Pay what you want”, people in the city of Stuttgart could enjoy a warm meal for a monetary donation.

With the energetic support of “Malteser Hilfsdienst”, the local radio station “Big FM” and a large word-of-mouth recommendation the team managed to draw attention to the creative fundraising campaign. In the end, 12,500 Euros were donated.

Our experts in Event & Music Management

Christian Lauppe Christian Lauppe
Business Graduate, Business Consulting, Start-up Advice, Business & Artist Support
Sandra Wilhelm Sandra Wilhelm
Kai Mönnich Kai Mönnich
Event Service Provider
Johannes Raetz Johannes Raetz
Independent Project Manager
Wolf-Georg Zaddach Wolf-Georg Zaddach
Cristoforo Marrazzo Cristoforo Marrazzo
Event Manager
Wolf-Dieter Bargsten Wolf-Dieter Bargsten
Dipl. Volkswirt, Personalberater, Veränderungscoach, Prozessmanager
Katharina Wegner Katharina Wegner
Concert and Tour Manager, Production Manager, Marketing Manager
Oliver Alexander Oliver Alexander
Marketing Consultant, Music Publisher
Verena Bößmann Verena Bößmann
CEO & Founder Dunstan Music
Michael Peterson Michael Peterson
A&R Manager, Lecturer
Jörg Tresp Jörg Tresp
Owner of a music label, Product Manager
Thomas Andreas Brödl Thomas Andreas Brödl
Stefan Mageney Stefan Mageney
Diplom Betriebswirt und A/O Psychologe (M.A.)
Carmen Schroeder Carmen Schroeder
Event Manager
Steffen Dietz Steffen Dietz
Rechtsanwalt, Fachanwalt für Urheber- und Medienrecht
Tom Küppers Tom Küppers
Anne Milberg Anne Milberg
Event Manager
Wolf-Dietmar Schoepe Wolf-Dietmar Schoepe
Markus A. Hillebrand Markus A. Hillebrand
Event Manager, Presenter
Anthony Thet Anthony Thet
Artist, Consultant, Project Manager, Agent
Matthias Brinkmann Matthias Brinkmann
Entrepreneur (IT, Project Management, Advertising Agency)
Knut W. Krause Knut W. Krause
Graphic Designer, Product Manager Multi-Media, Lecturer
Florian Brich Florian Brich
Association Director, Entrepreneur, Freelancer
Ronald Meister Ronald Meister
Artist- und Musikmanager
Gabriela Kusters Gabriela Kusters
Founder & Marketing Consultant at GK Communication
Andreas Knauf Andreas Knauf
Independent Lawyer, Specialist in Industrial Property Law and Copyright Law, Music Rights, Design Law, Trademark Law
Claudia Baacke Claudia Baacke
Unit Director mellowmessage GmbH
Heiko Kunzmann Heiko Kunzmann
Editor at german public broadcasters ZDF & MDR
Viktoria Stephan Viktoria Stephan
Mike Rötgens Mike Rötgens
Music Producer
Stefan Lerner Stefan Lerner
Inhaber UPON GmbH
Daniel Lerner Daniel Lerner
Online Marketing Manager

International Industry Link

We are your stepping stone into the growing media business with campuses all over Europe and Australia. Choose your desired occupation in Music & Sound, Event & Music Management, Design & Photography and Fashion & Make-up. Experience high-quality education closely linked to practical experience in order to qualify for your chosen profession in the international art & media industries. Be inspired to become a creative professional and discover exciting new career opportunities.

United POP was founded by a group of companies working in the creative industry. Today, United POP includes the business branches of Education, Media, Production & Services and is one of the leading and most innovative partner for all aspects related to music & media in Europe.

We have industry experienced lecturers who are up to date with current trends and technologies. Furthermore, we have our own extensive industry networks in Europe who have assisted students in progressing their careers.

Coming soon:

Courses in Music Management, Music Production, Fashion & Photography in Melbourne.

Start your career in the growing media business at campuses all over Europe & Australia. Experience high-quality education closely linked to practical experience in order to qualify for your chosen profession in the international music, media & art industries. Be inspired to become a creative professional and discover exciting new career opportunities with United POP, the international department of “Deutsche POP”, one of Europe’s biggest education provider with more than 30 years of experience in training for music, media & the arts!