Career Opportunities

Make your start in a creative career. Today, the creative sector is the third largest employer and the need for experienced experts and universal talents is growing everyday.

Combine photography with design and master the diverse range of challenges in the modern industry of Photography. You will learn to work with professional equipment and modern software such as Photoshop and Lightroom.

You take on artistic responsibility for photo shoots and layouts. Your skilled knowledge of image composition, visual communication, media design and photography helps you to professionally prepare your ideas for use in various media.


  •  Creative
  •  Technical
  •  Organisational
  •  Communicative

Start your career as

  • Fashion Photographer
  • Event Photographer
  • Studio Photographer
  • Scenic Photographer
  • Freelance Photographer
  • Studio Manager
  • Studio Owner
  • Photo Designer


  • Your entry point into the music and media sector
  • Professional expertise and lecturers with practical experience
  • Cutting-edge equipment
  • References and contacts due to project work
  • Practical experience in a classroom environment
  • Flexible starting dates several times a year


  • A good knowledge of English
  • Commitment, enthusiasm, an interest in music and media
  • No particular high school certificate is necessary
  • Minimum age is 18+ years

music support group / Pictures Magazine

UNITED POP is a division of music support group, which started as a recording studio in 1989, now covers a wide range of services within the music & media industry, e.g. with it's monthly print magazine "Pictures".


Pictures focuses on the fun of photography: the magazine inspires, gives instructions and offers qualified workshops. Exciting interviews provide insight into the world of professional photographers. Detailed reports on photographic techniques and tests of equipment deepen the understanding of photography. Constant input from all our divisions, partners and the industry form the basis of our successful concept of practical education and ensure high quality standards.

Featured Alumni: Sebastian Blume

Sebastian Blume is a photographer, laughing faces are his profession. The Hanoverian, who graduated as an image designer, drew attention to himself with a charity campaign, which has a very serious background: with the campaign "Donation Life - Let You Typify" Sebastian portrayed people from the public life to address the disease of blood cancer. He has already photographed more than 20 celebrities, including soccer player Miroslav Klose, the former German Chancellor Gerhard Schröder, music producer Mouse T (famous for "Sexbomb" from Tom Jones) and Klaus Meine, the lead-singer of the Scorpions.


POP Projects

With our „POP Projects“ students and graduates have the chance to work interdisciplinary on projects to gain additional knowledge, receive feedback from experts and professional credits for their curriculum vitae. The terms and conditions vary depending on the different projects. There is always a release or presentation of the final work at the end of each POP Project.

Our experts in Design & Photography

Marie Hübner Marie Hübner
Graphic Designer, Illustrator
Jocelyne Moreau Jocelyne Moreau
Photographer & Film Maker
Susan Baldermann Susan Baldermann
Master in Integrated Design
Gero Gröschel Gero Gröschel
Meinrad Faltner Meinrad Faltner
Photographer, Media Designer
Peter Lutz Peter Lutz
Jan-Claas Hermannsen Jan-Claas Hermannsen
Graduate Audio Engineer, Audiovisual Media Designer, Camera Operator & Cutter
Paul Seelmann Paul Seelmann
Cutter, Camera Operator, Vision Mixer
Vera Nowottny Vera Nowottny
Photo Artist
Semih Yaman Semih Yaman
3D Artist
Dennis Strillinger Dennis Strillinger
Freelancer - Game Designer, Musician, Producer, Master's Degree (M.A.) in English and German
Johannes Figura Johannes Figura
Director of Photography & Steadicam Operator
Christina Hamann Christina Hamann
Graphic Designer
Henning Stich Henning Stich
Gerd Breiter Gerd Breiter
Lighting Cameraman
Stephan Pen Stephan Pen
Film & Video Producer
René Ledrado René Ledrado
Klaus Weickardt Klaus Weickardt
To Kühne To Kühne
Fotograf, Fotodesigner
Tilman Przyrembel Tilman Przyrembel
Kameramann, Cutter
Iona Hogendoorn Iona Hogendoorn
Rainer Riedl Rainer Riedl
Communication Designer
Sven Knüppel Sven Knüppel
Regisseur und Autor
Robbin Böhm Robbin Böhm
Olaf Markmann Olaf Markmann
Camera Operator
Manuel Krusy Manuel Krusy
Game Designer, Sound Designer, Composer
Verena Faßbender Verena Faßbender
Art Direktorin (Diplom-Designerin)
Hushang Omidizadeh Hushang Omidizadeh
Art Director / Creative Director
Frank Breidert Frank Breidert
Film Director, Camera Operator
Arno Döring Arno Döring
Lothar Bauer Lothar Bauer
Graduate Designer, Artist
Franz Wanner Franz Wanner
Fine Artist, Filmmaker
Dominik Bastian Dominik Bastian
Motion Designer
Steffen Müller-Klenk Steffen Müller-Klenk
Selbstständiger Fotograf
Inga Glamann Inga Glamann
Graphic Designer, Art Director
Wolf-Dietmar Schoepe Wolf-Dietmar Schoepe
Helge Strauss Helge Strauss
Photographer & Film Director
Alexandra Evic Alexandra Evic
Graphic Designer
Karin  Mantel Karin Mantel
Graduate Designer
Joachim Fürst Joachim Fürst
Dipl.-Ing. Design (FH)
Markus Reinke Markus Reinke
Independent Photographer
Mirko Wache Mirko Wache
Camera Operator & Creative Producer for corporate and advertising videos
Andrea Verspohl Andrea Verspohl
Art Director
Katia Klose Katia Klose
Till Pötzl Till Pötzl
Freelance Motion Designer & Compositing Artist
Bernhard Handick Bernhard Handick
Graduate Communication Designer
Kate Cymmer Kate Cymmer
Photo Designer
Yun Xiang Yun Xiang
Stefan Gröschner Stefan Gröschner
Regina Brittner Regina Brittner
Benjamin Hoschmann Benjamin Hoschmann
Editor, Film Director
Andrea Vollmer Andrea Vollmer
Dominik Rüter Dominik Rüter
Video Producer
Michael John Cherdchupan Michael John Cherdchupan
Author & Composer for video games, Independent Editor, Video Journalist
Michael Andres Michael Andres
Camera Operator
Markus Schulze Markus Schulze
Graduated Photographer, Qualified Advertising Executive
Stephan Fröhlich Stephan Fröhlich
Regisseur, Kameramann, Geschäftsführer der Format Fröhlich Filmproduktion
Marc Köschinger Marc Köschinger
Photographer & Graphic Designer

International Industry Link

We are your stepping stone into the growing media business with campuses all over Europe and Australia. Choose your desired occupation in Music & Sound, Event & Music Management, Design & Photography and Fashion & Make-up. Experience high-quality education closely linked to practical experience in order to qualify for your chosen profession in the international art & media industries. Be inspired to become a creative professional and discover exciting new career opportunities.

United POP was founded by a group of companies working in the creative industry. Today, United POP includes the business branches of Education, Media, Production & Services and is one of the leading and most innovative partner for all aspects related to music & media in Europe.

We have industry experienced lecturers who are up to date with current trends and technologies. Furthermore, we have our own extensive industry networks in Europe who have assisted students in progressing their careers.

Coming soon:

Courses in Music Management, Music Production, Fashion & Photography in Melbourne.

Start your career in the growing media business at campuses all over Europe & Australia. Experience high-quality education closely linked to practical experience in order to qualify for your chosen profession in the international music, media & art industries. Be inspired to become a creative professional and discover exciting new career opportunities with United POP, the international department of “Deutsche POP”, one of Europe’s biggest education provider with more than 30 years of experience in training for music, media & the arts!